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Student Success
Ever wonder what comes next in your life? 
How do you achieve your goals?
What is that IEP thing people keep talking to you about?
How can you be successful in school?
Here you will find valuable information and internet links which will help answers questions about a high school student’s future. Included with each link is a brief overview of the site.
            -written by the National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY), this document is specifically for helping students understand their IEP and its meaning.
            -this website allows you to select different strategies or different outcomes to help you thrive.
            -this site provides resources and suggestions for improving study habits in nine areas:  learning and remembering, time management, listening and note-taking, reading, concentration and distraction, preparing for exams, cramming, writing exams, and sleep.
            -from Virginia Tech, this site allows you to look at online study skills workshops in improving concentration and memory, SQ3R, improving test performance, time management, and even a study skills inventory!
            -from studying, reading and writing to science, math and research...check here for guides and strategies which may help you.
            -this is a study skills resource site where you can view and print helpful articles written by Dr. Mangrum and Dr. Strichart.
            -find links here for a questionnaire to determine your learning style and how to study according to your learning style.
            -here is a general learning strategies menu on which you can find background information, purposes, advantages, and specific strategies about a wide range of topics
            -from Dartmouth College, this site allows you to watch an on-line video, read about effective strategies, and download handouts that offer a variety of suggestions and resources for taking full advantage of your academic experience.
            -take some advice about academic skills from old pros as past students share the tips that helped them succeed in college.
            -"if you ever wondered about a field of study and whether it is right for you, you can find out here. You will also learn where majors and fields lead for careers that may interest you. "
            -this is a link to the Cornell University Learning Strategies Center where you can download documents about different skills.
            -this is the George Washington University site where you can discover a "number of topics and links to resources that will help you study more effectively and improve academically."
            -this document from Cornell University provides words commonly found in essay questions and a brief definition of each.
            -this is a brief document from Cornell University which provides tips for fighting procrastination.
            -from Cornell University, tips for creating and using to-do lists to help organize time.
            -this document from Cornell University describes three methods you can use to understand textbook readings.
            -this article, from Study.com, is about how your experiences in high school could be worth more than just a way to get a diploma when you graduate. 

              -this website provides information which can help you study for an exam, improve grades, learn a difficult subject, and even earn college credit (transferable to over 2000 schools such as Saint Thomas Aquinas College, The University of Arizona, The Pennsylvania State University, Albright College, Bergen Community College, The University of Florida and more - for a complete list of colleges that may accept ACE credit, click here). There are thousands of video lessons covering many subjects and grade levels. There is also a college and career guide which includes articles to assist you in making important life decisions. Study.com also "provides 10 different Academic Scholarships totaling $5500 to students who are pursuing higher education." Their scholarship goal is to help with the rising cost of college. 
            -this page features a video and information about the benefits of taking a gap year between high school and college. Maybe you want some time off before continuing your education or are just not sure if college is right for you. Maybe you're not sure what you want to study in college...check out this information to see if a gap year would work for you!
            -this article, found on LD Online, explains information that a student should be aware of from the importance of an appropriate IEP, potential interpersonal problems at college, postsecondary institution characteristics, and LD programs to finalizing your college selection.
            -this site contains information about living college life with a disability. It’s designed for high school students and provides video clips, activities and additional resources that can help you get a head start in planning for college.
Affordable Schools Online - Common Sense for College (Formally FrugalDad.com)

             -If you are worried about paying for college, then this site it for you! "[This] is a website that has decided to focus its subject matter on issues of higher education and how to pay for it. Although there are other sites that offer advice on the same types of topics, [Affordable Schools Online] brings its own unique voice to the conversation – a voice that has been featured and profiled in the national media ever since it appeared on the scene in 2007." There is a variety of information available on the site about paying for college, financial planning, tips & tricks for college students, news & popular articles related to tuition, and a listing to help you find a cheap accredited college or online university in the United States. You can sort the information alphabetically by school name or city location,  in-state tuition, or out-of-state tuition.
            -this website is an education directory that provides links to online resources for career exploration, technical education, workforce development, technical schools and related vocational learning resources. Here you can explore vocational and technical careers, check out the skills employers really want, find a trade school, research technical topics and take a look at the current job market.

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